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Message from Governor Mapp

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The United States Virgin Islands has invested generously to create one of the most business friendly locations under the flag. We continue to invest in energy and communications technologies, as well as other infrastructure, essential to conducting business in an increasingly competitive global environment. The benefits and tax incentives available through the Economic Development Authority are important components of a strategy to attract an already impressive assortment of industries, and its programs continue to encourage exploration of the opportunities for starting, expanding, or relocating business operations in this U.S. territory. 

The Economic Development Authority is at the heart of our comprehensive approach to growing an economy which can support all sectors of the community, public and private. The financial investment incentives available through the EDA have been designed to attract and sustain the strong industrial foundation upon which a more prosperous community can grow. Our policies will continue to encourage and reward significant investments. 

While we continue to refine our strategic plan for economic development, we are pleased with the business successes now evident, and the accompanying improvements in the general quality of life in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We invite you to explore and seize the opportunities available through the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority. You will find that our doors are always open for business. 

Kenneth Mapp